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EPS Geofoam minimizes settlement on underground utilities. Geofoam is also used in much

broader applications including lightweight fill, green roof fill, compressible inclusions, thermal insulation, and drainage. High density EPS Blocks are commonly used in Geofoam applications.


Retaining Walls, Slope Stabilisation and Bridge Abutments

Geofoam is used to replace the earth underneath the construction with a firmer, more stable material and reduced weight.

INSULFOAM GeoFoam is available in:

- Densities up to 35 kg/cubic metre.

- Sizes up to 5400 x 1200 x 600mm



Void filling without increase in pressure, unlike earth and concrete, but increased stability by distributing the weight of the earth evenly.

INSULFOM GeoFoam can be supplied:

- pre-cut, numbered and fit to size

- drawings and placement schedule  for onsite installation

Foam Blocks
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