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About Us

Starting in 2007, INSULFOAM has been servicing Australia with high grade EPS in a range of industries.  Realizing the use and efficiency of polystyrene, we have been providing the building industry with insulating wall panels, fence panels, underfloor insulation and many other things.  Civil companies have been coming to INSULFOAM for geofoam, manufacturers have been coming to us for pipe insulation. 


Over the years we have been refining our craft of manufacturing and expert cutting to provide the best possible service to any industry.  Starting from humble beginnings and a single cutting wire, we have grown to servicing the nation, distributing our products in house and to major companies.  

Lead by a team of driven individuals, INSULFOAM  can provide knowledge and expertise in anything when it comes to EPS foam.  From retail to toll manufacturing, we can offer it all.

About insulfoam
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