Expanded Polystyrene is an excellent thermal insulator, as up to 97% of its volume consists of Air. The insulating and lightweight properties make EPS a commonly used material in the insulation of buildings. All EPS for Insulation manufactured by INSULFOAM has fire retardant properties and is self extinguishing as soon as the fire source is removed, which gives peace of mind when using for insulation in buildings.


High R-Value and superior moisture resistance, make EPS ideal in Roof insulation application. Available tapered Insulation sheets save time on installation. Also pre-cut sheets and multi-layered systems are available.



Reduction in energy use and cost are the main drivers to insulate walls of buildings. EPS Wall insulation with R-Values up to 4.5. INSULFOAM Wall Insulation comes in full sheets and is easy to cut to suit the cavity or fit between studs. 



INSULFOAM Subfloor Insulation is installed between the floor joists prior or after the timber flooring is installed. Available with different R-Values 1.2 (50mm), 1.8 (75mm) and 2.4 (90mm), Insulfoam Subfloor Insulation also reduces drafts. It is easy and quick to install and available in pre-cut size to suite joist widths of 420 and 570. Custom sizes are available on request.