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Foam Panels

With the capability to cut sheets from 5mm to 800mm thick and up to 5.4m long, there are endless possibilities for our polystyrene sheets.  Mainly used in the building industry, our sheets come in all sorts of grades ranging from SL all the way to VH.  Weather you're looking to clad your house or pick up some sheets for another project, we have everything you need. 

EPS Sheets

Manufactured in Australia, Insulfoam EPS sheets are made from the highest quality polystyrene.  Our EPS sheets are a lightweight rigid cellular plastic material produced in a range of densities.  All densities are available for purchase.  With its superior thermal, noise cancelling, and strength to weight ratio, the Insulfoam polystyrene sheets are second to none.  Loved by builders in Australia for the past 15 years, Insulfoam has been providing the building industry with the highest standard of foam possible.  All subsidiary products for installation can be provided through our partner RENDEX warehouse.


Our sheets are also great for side projects such as caravan insulation and garage insulation kits. Any possible reason you could need a foam sheet, Insulfoam can provide it.  All EPS manufactured by INSULFOAM has fire retardant properties and is self extinguishing as soon as the fire source is removed, which gives peace of mind when using for any task.

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Standard Sheet Sizes

(Custom sizes available, just enquire in the quote)

Foam Panels
EPS Foam Panels

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Polystyrene panels

Project suppled to Geelong

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